Bryce Alexander

23 – Arkansas

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and adventures. In the first 16 years of my life I had already lived in 14 states and another country. Photography really became a passion for me five years ago. It has brought nothing but positive things into my life. From the people I meet, to the learning experiences, and to the sense of adventure.

I spend most of my time in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. Of all the places I’ve seen and all the many miles behind me, there’s just nothing quite like home for me. An incredibly unique place, rich in history, loaded with gorgeous scenery and still provides the southern culture in which I am proudly from.

I like to think of myself as an incredibly ambitious person that always gives 110% in everything that I do. I’m always looking forward to the next adventure. Learning is the best thing that I could be doing.

(For questions or inquiry’s)
e-Mail : capillarian@yahoo.com